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About Alchemy Farms

We help households grow their own food, re-use their waste water, and create compost from household waste. 

We believe that these simple actions will make communities more food secure and resilient in an insecure future.

Meanwhile, we can enrich the environment, create habitat for wildlife, reduce pollution and landfill, and generally be more awesome humans.

Do you:

  • Grow your own fruit and vegetables? Or would like to start?

  • Value organic food for you and your family?

  • Worry about the fragility of our existing food supply?

  • Hate wasting food and water, or seeing others do so?


Then you are our people!

Using permaculture design, we can show you how to transform your home garden into a beautiful edible landscape.


Let's see how we can transform your home into your own organic farm

Our Mission

To work with families to make the Blue Mountains a place of strong local food production and security. We help families grow as much of their own food as they desire, plus more to share. To eradicate the concept of food and water waste by redirecting those 'waste' streams into regenerative purposes.

We do this via permaculture designs that are personalised for each family's context. And by helping making that design a reality by practical education, permablitzes, and coaching.

We normalise growing food at home. Our home in Leura is an example of a lifestyle grounded in home food production & real world skills.

Growing food at home is an essential step to greater resilience and freedom. We help families bring that lifestyle back, and reap the rewards that come in many forms.


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Featured on Radio Blue Mountains 'Green Thumbs'

We showed Green Thumbs around our Blue Mountains home. Listen in to hear how we are working towards community-sufficiency with chickens, rabbits, goats and the garden. 

Setting up a basic system for recycling grey water is cheap, easy and worthwhile. Read about how we use our grey water in our permaculture garden and learn how you can do it too.

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"Overall even in this early stage we’re saving tonnes of money on our weekly food bill which will only get better as time goes on."

-Lachlan, 1 year post consultation

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"We are using our design to guide our curriculum and classes in the grounds. It has brought a cohesive vision."

-Sarah Daniel, teacher at Kindlehill Steiner School

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