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What do I have to offer?

Generally feeling depressed about getting a career going in permaculture. What do I know? Why should people listen to me? What do I have to offer?

I'm chewing on these thoughts over months. It's easy to get trapped in them. Especially where I live. In the Blue Mountains, friggin everyone is a permie. Amazing ones too! There are so many people who know sooo much more than me and have been doing it for soooo much longer. What could I possibly contribute?

thanks for the compost, girls!
new tomato bed

I'm brooding away on these thoughts today in the garden. They're going around and around in my head as I'm weeding and planting. Grind grind grind goes the brain...then I realise what I'm doing: I'm planting a bed of tomato seedling. That I grew from seeds that I saved last year. I'm watering them with rain collected from our roof. They're planted in compost that I made. Using chickens that I keep happy and healthy. Chickens that give us eggs...I'm already doing all the stuff! The stuff that I'm passionate about sharing; home food production, waste recycling, soil production, smart design,'s already happening at our place.

It's not perfect, but it's working!

I'm no expert but I'm doing it.

Maybe you'd like to do these things too.

Maybe we could share some skills and some knowledge

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