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What Can We Do For You?

As a permaculture designer, I help people optimise their homes to be as eco-friendly as possible, to grow food, cycle organic waste, and save water.

I've studied with Geoff Lawton, a leading permaculture educator and innovator. Our suburban home supports us with veggies, eggs, rabbit meat and milk from our goats.


Industrial agriculture, where we currently get most of our food, is toxic to people and the planet.

Families need better sources of food than what is currently provided by supermarkets.

Using permaculture principles, I can show you how you can make a positive change, starting right where you are.
I can show you efficient methods to grow a whole lot of organic fruit and veg to feed your family. How to save water, build soil, and be a positive force in the ecosystem around you.

I am passionate about bringing food production back into the home garden, and cycling our waste to build soil and help the environment.
I believe people can be a positive force in the world, not the scourge we have been in the past. By applying our intelligence to our living situations, we can work with nature - for mutual benefit.

I consult with families to help them design abundant, beautiful, and ecologically friendly home-practices and gardens.

Interested in a free quote? Your can get in touch here

Permaculture design is a methodical way of organising your landscape and your practices to be a co-creator with nature. We can find our way out of our current mess.


It requires no massive shift in your lifestyle, just a more thoughtful way to live. Through a few gentle shifts, we can help you achieve this quickly and easily.

Looking forward to hearing from you


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