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Bloome Park

Leura NSW

Bloome Park Leura-Final Design-compresse


Bloome Park is a central meeting and play area for the Leura community. It is child and dog friendly. It is an example of how a community park can also function to grow food and cycle waste. The park is beautiful as well as productive. It is a pleasant and relaxing space to come for a play, a coffee, or a picnic.



Strong winds from the West and South. 

Fire Risk from the South

The Highest point is the NW corner at 968m and the lowest is the SE corner at 965m, so water flows in this direction.

Bloome park sector analysis.jpg



At the NW corner is the kiosk and play area. The playground is situated so that kids are visible from the seating area. 

The kiosk is supplied with fresh fruit and veg from the garden. The waste produced from the kitchen is composted or cycled through the worm farms.


In the sunniest aspect of the park is the veg patch. This supplies the kiosk and any extra is sold to the public to help support the park. All food scraps produced on site from the kiosk or picnics are composted to feed the gardens.
The park employs a gardener and cafe manager for the kiosk.


There are composting toilets on site that further contribute to the fertility of the park's food growing systems. The waste collected from the toilets are treated organically and hygienically to produce nutrient rich compost. This is an example of how public spaces can be ecologically friendly as well as convenient.


The swales (on contour, water harvesting earthworks) will be used to grow tree species such as apple, pear, almond, plum. kiwi, peach, hazelnut, chestnut, casuarina, acacia, plus more. They will also include edible and medicinal ground covers and shrubs.



The 12 square metre Kiosk can capture 16 836L of water per year. This is held by a water tank that feeds the veg garden. Any overflow goes to swale 1.

The 24 square metre toilet block can capture 33 672L/year. This is held by a water tank that feeds the hand washing sinks and any overflow goes to swale 2.

Swale 2 overflow goes to the pond over a spillway

The pond has an approximate capacity of 450 000L (25 x 18m sides x 1m depth). The spillway can also serve as an access point for fire trucks/civilians in a fire event. The pond is full of life with fish, ducks and plat life all interacting. It is fenced for safety of children.



Pathways run on contour an water collected here feeds the swale fruit tree systems. 

There are large pine trees already on site that have been retained. They provide a wind break and shade, as well as sound blocking for the adjoining neighbours. 
The north and north-west pine trees have been removed and replaced with deciduous fruit and nut trees. Providing shade in summer, sun in winter and wind protection from the West.

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