What is Permaculture?

Permaculture is thoughtful design.

Permaculture is doing things better.

Permaculture is recognising the inherent rights of all life forms, including animals and plants. It is behaving towards the planet like the ethical and intelligent beings we claim to be. Permaculture is catching water from your roof, using it in your laundry, then cycling it back through to your garden. No waste, just intelligence. Permaculture is putting chickens to work for you in the garden, happily scratching, pecking, and pooping, turning over your plot for you, leaving it ready to plant. Permaculture is doing away with toxic, high maintenance, no yield lawns and transforming them into beautiful, productive vegetable gardens and orchards.

Permaculture is the way out of our current, global mess. It is the future. These systems are easy. They are productive. They are usually cheap, and far more valuable in the long run because we are caring for the earth in a way that fulfils our potential to be stewards of this little blue planet that sustains us. Start today

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