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Keeping Rabbits for Sustainable Meat

We've been raising rabbits for meat for just over a year now. While some people baulk at the idea of this cute and cuddly pet ending up on the table, as far as livestock for the suburban homesteader goes, they make a lot of sense:

  • They don't need much space. We have a breeding quartet (3 females to 1 male) housed in a 9m square set up. You can extend their run with a movable shelter that also mows your lawn!

  • They breed like rabbits! Each doe can give birth to up to 12 kits every 4-6 weeks.

  • They grow quickly. Ready to harvest from 12 weeks of age.

  • Cheap to feed: Ours thrive on the waste hay from the goats and leafy scraps we collect from woolies. They get some oats or sunflower seeds as a supplement.

  • The garden loves their poop.

  • They have add on financial opportunities too. Our kids make extra pocket money from selling their manure and sometimes the babies as pets. We also make their hides into dog treats

  • The meat is tasty and nutritious and easy to harvest. My partner can do a rabbit from pen to freezer in 10 minutes (I do the raising, he does the harvesting)

If you want to raise your own meat but feel like you don't have the space, consider adding rabbits to your system!


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